Drug Delivery Systems: The Industrial View

  • K. Yokoyama
  • Y. Ueda
  • A. Kikukawa
  • K. Yamanouchi
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 199)


One of the striking features of lipid emulsion particles is chylomicron-like behavior in the circulation (Davis et al, 1985), i.e., high affinity to capillary walls, especially when the latter are inflamed (Shaw et al, 1979). This had led us to consider drug targeting against the walls of blood vessels and hence to pursue the development of lipid microsphere (fat emulsion) incorporating active substances. We have also become interested in adriamycin-macromolecule conjugates that are expected to increase the selectivity for tumor cells.


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  • Y. Ueda
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  • A. Kikukawa
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