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Preface to Proposal of Standardized Nomenclature in the Study of Crystallization in Biological Systems

  • Birdwell Finlayson


At the 1979 ROCK (Research on Calculous Kinetics) Society meeting, Dallas, Texas, George Drach and Alan Randolph proposed the adoption of a lexicon of terminology concerning crystals and crystal formation. This proposal was committed to manuscript form and then reviewed and amended by an Ad Hoc Committee at the 1980 Williamsburg meeting. The committee members were Bill Gill, Niel and Gretchen Mandel, John Meyer, George Nancollas, Alan Randolph, Bill Robertson, Alan Rose, Gene Schrier, and myself. Several revisions of the manuscript have been subsequently made, circulated, and revised. While nothing is perfect, the following glossary goes a very long way in providing a standard nomenclature that can be used with some precision by urinary stone research workers. Also it will help to correct some conceptual problems that have appeared in the stone literature. It is very much to be desired that this terminology will be adopted and used in reporting urolithiasis research when appropriate. This glossary is not immutable. With usage, the need for emendation may become evident. The next international stone meeting will provide an opportune occasion to review the glossary and its usage and make appropriate changes. Drs. Drach and Randolph merit considerable credit for their persistence in working for a concensus from a cross section of urolithiasis research workers.


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