Short Ammonium Chloride Loading Test for Evaluation of Hyperparathyroidism

  • Peter Alken


The dilemma in the diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism (HPT) is reflected by three factors: Hypercalcemia is still regarded as the most important diagnostic sign, but unless multiple determinations of serum calcium are done, the so-called borderline cases will be missed. Tests that readily identify HPT combine either simple performance, widespread use and low accuracy (CP, TRP, PEI, TMP/GFR)l or sophisticated methods, limited use and high accuracy (PTH, Ca+++, c-AMP). Consequently, some authors perform neck explorations to cure patients with recurrent nephrolithiasis who do not fulfill the diagnostic criteria of HPT. However, the stone recurrence rate may then reach 75%2,3 In this situation, to complete the diagnostic puzzle of hyperparathyroidism additional information is valuable.


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