Lebesgue Integral in Constructive Analysis

  • Oswald Demuth
Part of the Seminars in Mathematics book series (SM, volume 4)


In the present note it is assumed that the reader is acquainted with [1]. We shall understand algorithms to be normal algorithms in the alphabet of constructive real numbers (CRN), extended by the letters Δ, □, β. Let n be a natural number, n ≥ 1. We shall call n-points words of the form x1□x2□...□xn, where all the xi (1 ≤ i ≤ n) are CRN from 0 Δ 1 and we shall call n-segments, words of the form
$$x_1^1 \vartriangle \,x_1^2 \,\square \,x_2^1 \,\vartriangle \,x_2^2 \,\square \cdots \square \,\,x_n^1 \vartriangle \,x_n^2 ,$$
where x j 1 , x j 2 are CRN from 0Δ1, such that x j 1 < x j 2 (1 ≤j ≤ n).


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