Orthostatic Edema: Treatment and Prognosis

  • David H. P. Streeten


It is important, both for the physician and for the patient, to be aware that, although orthostatic edema is an uncomfortable and sometimes distressing disorder, it seldom, if ever, shortens life or incapacitates the patient. Unfortunately, no cure is available, and remissions, both spontaneous and therapeutically induced, are rare. It is therefore obviously essential to prescribe treatment that will reduce discomfort but will not have serious side effects when used daily for several years. Fortunately, there are several ways in which gratifying reduction in discomfort can be accomplished, with negligible long-term hazards to the patient. Many patients are relieved when they are reassured that the disorder seldom worsens with the passage of time and has no grave implications with regard to their longevity.


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