Current Topics in Quasi-Elastic Scattering

  • C. A. Miller
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 45)


The study of quasi-elastic scattering of protons or electrons on nucleons bound in nuclei is a relatively mature and well-developed field of nuclear physics. Our purpose herein is to review in a necessarily brief and selective manner some of the recent activities with emphasis on those at TRIUMF. In order to provide a suitable context for the discussion of the implications of recent data, there is first offered a summary of the motivations for studying these reactions and the major assumptions involved in most theoretical analysis. This is followed by a section dealing with a recent innovation in proton quasi-free scattering; namely the use of polarized beam which can enrich the information from this type of reaction as much as it has for others. The comparison with theoretical calculations of such data taken at TRIUMF appears to raise some interesting questions concerning cross sections in spite of considerable qualitative agreement regarding asymmetries. Next is a brief treatment of recent attempts to learn about high momentum components in nuclear wave functions by means of the (p,2p) reaction on a light nucleus. The concluding topic concerns some recent suggestions for future experiments whose specific purpose would be the investigation of off-shell effects in nucleon-nucleon scattering.


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