Baryon-Antibaryon Systems

  • S. H. Kahana
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 45)


I would like to discuss a few simple situations involving the B-B and B-nucleus systems with the baryon label B = N for nucleon, Bc for a charmed nucleon, NN, BcBc, N-nucleus and Bc-nucleus systems. The unifying thread in this discussion will be the non-relativistic treatment of the dynamics, hopefully justified by the particular nature of the elementary two-body states considered. The successes of the quark model as the underlying theory for strong interactions are well known. Of particular relevance here is the spectroscopy of nucleons, isobars and mesons as 3-quark or 2-quark composites. Lipkin has discussed these structures elsewhere in these proceedings.


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