A Uniqueness Theorem for Functions with Positive Imaginary Part

  • B. S. Pavlov
Part of the Topics in Mathematical Physics book series (TOMP, volume 4)


In studying the structure of the spectrum of a one-dimensional perturbation of the operator of multiplication by the independent variable in L2(-∞, ∞)the following problem of function theory arises: describe the set of all roots of a function f which is represented in terms of a Cauchy-type integral with positive density which satisfies a certain smoothness condition:
$$\begin{array}{l} f(z) = \int\limits_{ - \infty }^\infty {\frac{{{{\left| {\varphi (t)} \right|}^2}}}{{t - z}}dt - 1,{\mathop{\rm Im}\nolimits} z \ge 0,} \\ \varphi (t) \in Lip\alpha ,\alpha > 0;\left| {\varphi (t)} \right|{t^\alpha } \to 0,t \to \infty \\ \end{array} $$


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