Effective Machinery Fault Diagnosis Avoids Unnecessary Gearbox Maintenance (Case Study)

  • Abdalla H. El Sherif


The ability to detect as many machinery problems as possible, without opening a machine unnecessarily, requires effective and comprehensive fault diagnosis. Over the past two decades, the use of vibration analysis has become a significant tool in the diagnosis of rotating machinery health monitoring. This approach has saved considerable cost through:
  • Prevention of catastrophic failures.

  • Avoiding expensive unnecessary shutdowns and repairs.

  • Allowing minimum equipment downtime.

Machinery health monitoring and fault diagnosis, however, are as good as the quality of the parameters monitored and recorded from various monitoring systems.

During the commissioning of a gas turbine driven crude oil loading pump, the load gearbox has experienced excessive vibration which limited the pumpset capability and raised concern over the mechanical integrity of the gearbox and the reliability of a critical equipment. The causes for the problem were traced to improper vibration sensor’s holder design and istallation.

This case study highlights the experienced problem, and the efforts involved in its analysis and identification. It also reviews the corrective actions taken to effectively resolve it with minimum effort, downtime and cost.


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