Maintenance Management Technique for Small-sized Road Construction Companies

  • Mohammed El Shabrawy


No doubt that useful lifetimes of equipments and the road facility are extended by carrying out repairs at predetermined intervals and in cases of breakdown. The process of performing repairs is called “Maintenance” while ordering and organizing these repairs is called “Maintenance Management”.

The need for advice, information and assistance for the improvement of maintenance effectiveness seems to be of great importance to the small sized companies rather than the large companies which have learned by bitter experience the importance of the maintenance function.

The paper is concentrated on the design of a maintenance management technique to enable road construction firms and specially small sized ones to maintain equipments and roads under construction in good conditions without interrupting the construction process.


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  • Mohammed El Shabrawy
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  1. 1.Highway EngineeringMansourah UniversityEgypt
  2. 2.The Faculty of Technological StudiesKuwait

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