COMPASS: A Generalized Ground-based Monitoring System

  • M. J. Provost


COMPASS (COndition Monitoring and Performance Analysis Software System) is a ground-based computer system developed by Rolls-Royce pic for application on the Rolls-Royce RB211 and Tay and IAE (International Aero Engines) V2500 turbofans. This paper describes COMPASS, its sources of data and its analytical functions, including details of new techniques developed to improve the usefulness of the analysis that is done. The paper also shows that COMPASS is designed in two parts:
  • Analytical functions specific to a given application.

  • General host routines, providing all the “housekeeping” functions required in any monitoring system.

The use of the general host routines could be extended to cover any operation (aerospace or non-aerospace, civil or military, etc) which is to be monitored. The paper concludes by outlining the approach Rolls-Royce plc has adopted to enable the COMPASS host to be made available for widespread application.


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