Nonimpulse-Based Mechanisms

  • Irvin M. Korr


There are two aspects, as I see it, in a summary. One, you’ve already heard in yesterday’s session. The second is before us now: What does what we have heard mean for manipulative therapy? Now I am not going to try to recapture the excitement or the power of what you have heard. As a matter of fact, I am in an anticlimactic situation. What does stand out in my mind is that we saw documented the ongoing chemical biological interactions, so-called “talk”, from neuron to neuron, neuron to effector cell, effector cell back to neuron. And yet, we got only a glimpse of the iceberg tip of potential in such matters as Dr. Thoenen’s nerve growth factor, Dr. Singer’s turn-on factors, and many others. I think we all would agree at this point that nonimpulse mechanisms deserve a little more attention than they have received in the past.


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