Automation in Pathology

  • Robert George Fewell


The problem of handling an ever increasing number of analyses in pathology is common to all laboratories and disciplines. The nature of the problem varies within the discipline and has necessarily meant differing developmental approaches. For instance in clinical chemistry a much earlier start was made than in some other fields toward mechanised procedures to improve speed of analysis with accuracy and precision, particularly in fields where chemical stability is evident; e.g. it is possible to estimate substances like potassium very easily but some of the more fickle enzyme systems are more difficult ; standard condition of assay for the former are easily met but for the latter are much more demanding. Clinical chemistry today remains in the forefront of automated processes illustrating the point that any repetitive process can and will be mechanised given money and time for development. Whilst the chemists have their problems they are seemingly insignificant when compared with say the medical microbiologist.


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