The Responses of an Awake Brain to HPO Under Increased CO2 Concentrations

  • A. Mayevsky
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 92)


The interrelations between convulsive activity, and CO2 concentration under hyperbaric oxygen conditions were investigated by few investigators. It was shown in mice (Marshall and Lambertsen, 1961) and in cats (Taylor, 1949) that small elevation of CO2 under HPO, potentiated the toxicity phenomenon while higher levels of CO2 inhibited convulsions. Other investigators (Levy and Richards, 1962) came to the conclusion that addition of CO2 to the HPO chamber provided the animal with protection against toxicity. In our previous communication (Mayevsky et al., 1974) we found that 1.5% CO2 in oxygen potentiates the toxicity under pressure of 6 ATA. In order to understand the effects of CO2 on the response of the brain to HPO we measured the effects of various concentrations of CO2 on the electrical activity as well as the metabolic activity of the awake brain.


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