Miniaturised High Energy Physics Experiments at Storage Rings

  • K. Potter
Part of the Ettore Majorana International Science Series book series (EMISS, volume 14)


It is the aim of this meeting to encourage experimental High Energy Physicists to spend some time thinking about ways to avoid the continuing increase in the size of their equipment, indeed to study ways of providing the same detection capability but with miniature particle detectors. In this paper it is assumed that this aim is both correct and can be achieved and that therefore in the future experimental equipment will actually start to decrease in size. It then becomes interesting to consider what limitations if any arise from the particle accelerators where the experiments have to be installed. The discussion here will be restricted to storage rings where the more difficult problems of machine-experiment interface exist, it is clear that the increased flexibility offered by external beam lines for fixed target experiments allow quite different solutions to these problems.


Vacuum Chamber Interaction Region Storage Ring Beam Loss Multiple Coulomb Scattering 
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