Regulation of Growth by Negative Growth Regulators

  • Dennis R. Campion
  • William Kelly JonesJr.


The concept of growth regulation by endogenous inhibitors was first suggested by studies on wound healing and carcinogenesis (see Wang and Hsu, 1986). This area of research has long suffered from the fact that purification of specific compounds that inhibited cell proliferation (or differentiation) of normal cells proved elusive. Although circumstantial evidence was generated over the last 20 years to indicate their existence, studies involving the inhibition of cell proliferation have been the subject of both criticism and controversy (see Iype and McMahon, 1984: Alison, 1986). With the purification of several inhibitiors of cell proliferation from endogenous sources, a firm experimental basis has now been established and this subject area is coming under more intense investigation. Caution must still be raised with respect to the specific physiological role(s) that any of the inhibitors purified or described to date have in regulating the normal processes of growth and development as this kind of evidence has not been reported.


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