Endocrine Regulation of Adipogenesis

  • G. J. Hausman
  • D. E. Jewell
  • E. J. Hentges


Insight into the regulation of adipose tissue development has been gained by many studies utilizing cell culture techniques. There are several published re- views that appraise the hormonal aspects of adipocyte development in vitro (Hausman et al., 1980; Hiragun, 1985; Van, 1985; Vannier et al., 1985) and in vivo (Allen, 1976; Hausman, 1985; Martin et al., 1985b; York, 1985). The establishment of several “preadipocyte” cell lines has led to the propagation of a vast amount of literature concerned with various aspects of adipocyte dif- ferentiation (Hiragun, 1985; Vannier et al., 1985).


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