Regulation of Somatomedin Production, Release, and Mechanism of Action

  • Norman C. Steele
  • Theodore H. Elsasser


Early studies revealed that a pituitary factor, growth hormone (GH), was in-volved in long bone growth and nitrogen retention and, without conclusive evidence, accepted theories suggested that GH interacted directly with target tissues to induce such adaptations in metabolism. The elegant studies by Salmon and Daughaday (1957) described a factor in normal serum that, when added to cartilage expiants, stimulated the incorporation of 35S04 into proteoglycans. Serum from hypophysectomized rats failed to stimulate sulfate incorporation; however, when such rats were treated with GH, serum stimulation of sulfate uptake was observed within 24 hr. In contrast, direct addition of GH to the expiant media, either in the -presence or absence of hypophysectomized rat serum, failed to stimulate sulfate incorporation. Based on the bioassay response, the serum component was named sulfation factor.


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