A Folding Model Analysis of the (p,n) Quasielastic Reaction

  • S. D. Schery


Since the discovery in 1961 of the prominence of the isobaric analogue of the target ground state in (p,n) spectral, theoretical study of this reaction, often called the (p,n) quasielastic reaction, has evolved along several lines. One approach, sometimes called the microscopic model,2,3,4 represents the target and residual nuclei by shell model wave functions. A nucleon-nucleon interaction is assumed and the reaction is described in terms of a sum of two-body forces between the projectile and target nucleons. This fundamental approach can include such refinements as multistep processes5,6 and the effect of antisymmetrization of the projectile and target nucleons.7 An alternate approach describes the quasielastic reaction by means of a nucleon-nucleus optical potential that possesses an isospin dependence. This approach originated with A. M. Lane8,9 and the term macroscopic model is used when a phenomenological isospin dependent optical potential is used to describe the quasielastic reaction.10,11,12 These two models are not necessarily inconsistent and both have met with success in predicting quasielastic data.


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