An Empirical Effective Interaction

  • Sam M. Austin


Cross sections for charge exchange or inelastic scattering reactions depend upon a nuclear matrix element which contains both the wavefunctions of the nuclear states involved and the effective two-body interaction Veff mediating the transition between these states. Consequently one can use these reactions as a spectroscopic tool only if one has a priori knowledge of the effective interaction. Two approaches have been taken to obtaining Veff. One of these is entirely theoretical1 in nature, beginning with a more or less accurate potential model for the bare two nucleon force. At energies below about 50 MeV, one can argue that the interaction must basically resemble that used in the nuclear shell model and a real interaction derived from the shell model G matrix has commonly been used. At energies above about 100 MeV, the impulse approximation provides a good approximation to Veff. This approach and applications of it have been discussed in detail at this conference by Love1 and by Petrovich.2


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