• Sydney Meshkov
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The current status of various glueball properties such as level ordering and masses is reviewed. Current glueball candidates ι(1440), θ(1670), and φφ enhancements at 2160 and 2320 MeV are examined. A simple model which incorporates the mixing of the glueball candidate ι(1440) with quarkonium states η(549) and η’(958), and of the θ(1670) with f(1270) and f’(1515) is presented. Neither the ι(1440) nor the θ(1670) can be consistently interpreted as a glue-ball in this framework. The leading glueball candidates currently are the φφ enhancements.

Glueballs1,2(a-f)—colorless, flavorless composites of two or more gluons—should exist, according to the gospels of quantum chromodynamics. In this brief review I summarize the current (~January, 1983) status of theory and experiment for various aspects of glueball spectroscopy. What we know currently about glueball candidates ι(1440), θ(1670) and øø enhancements at 2160 and 2320 MeV is discussed. In order to help analyze the properties of the ι(1440) and θ(1670), I present a simple model3 which emphasizes the role of the glueball-quarkonium mixing. The ι(1440) is mixed with η(549) and η’(958). The θ(1670) is mixed with f(1270) and f’(1270). In this mixing framework neither state can be consistently interpreted as a glueball, so I conclude that ι(1440) and θ(1670) are most likely not glueballs. The leading glueball candidates currently are the φφ, enhancements.


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