Direct Photon Production in pp and \(\overline{p}\)p Collisions

  • P. T. Cox
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 197)


The simplicity of the leading-order production processes for direct (single) gamma production in pp and \(\overline{p}\)p collisions, i.e. the QCD-Compton process qg → γq and the annihilation process \(\overline{q}\)q → γg, is appealing, since the photon carries all the pT of the parton collision, and there is no confusion from fragmentation. Furthermore the ratio R = σ(\(\overline{p}\)p → γX)/σ(pp → γX) should be sensitive to the hardness of the gluon structure function of the nucleon. Since \(\overline{q}\)q annihilation is clearly more important in \(\overline{p}\)p than pp, due to the valence \(\overline{q}\) quarks, R is expected to be larger than one, and since the gluon structure function is known to be relatively soft so that \(\overline{q}\)q should become increasingly favoured over qg as pT increases, R is expected to increase with the pT of the emitted gamma ray.


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