QCD in the Limit xF → 1 as Studied in the Reaction π-Nµ+µ-X

  • Kirk T. McDonald
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 197)


In Fermilab experiment E 615 wel have measured the production of high-mass muon pairs with 80- and 252-GeV pion beams. The relatively large momentum of quarks in pions allows us the study the QCD subprocess \(q\overline{q}\)µ + µ in the kinematic limit \(x_{\pi }^{\overline{q}}\) → 1. The data are consistent with many of the features of a higher-twist analysis, particulary the departure of the muon-pair angular distribution from the standard form 1+cos2 θ t . Analysis of J/ψ) and ψ’ production in the same data sample gives further evidence for interesting effects as xF → 1, which we attribute to the process \(q\overline{q}\)\(c\overline{c}\).


Angular Distribution Transverse Momentum Structure Function Pair Production Continuum Analysis 


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