Recent Results from Fermilab E557 and E672 Experiments

  • A. Zieminski
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 197)


Recent results from two Fermilab experiments, E557 and E672 are reviewed. The E557 experiment is studying production of jets in pN collisions at c.m. energies 27 and 39 GeV. The A α dependence for jet production is well parametrized by an Aa behavior with α = 1.0 − 1.2. The beam jet fragmentation is broader than expected, strongly depends on the event configuration at 90° and does not show a leading proton signal at high ET. The E672 experiment is aimed at studying hadronic final states produced in association with high mass dimuons. It has started to take data during the Fall 1987 run. We discuss the experimental setup, trigger rates and expected physics results on the hadroproduction of chi states and beauty.


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