Public Opinion on Aid and Sterility

  • Henri Leridon


Little data is available on the incidence of sterility at the present time, and what little there is is often difficult to interpret. The statistics quoted here are intended to provide the background for veiwing the opinions on sterility problems and possible solutions which were obtained mainly from responses to a dozen questions posed as part of the census conducted by I.N.E.D. in late 1976, using a representative sample of 2471 individuals. These questions were prepared in a cooperative effort involving the author, the psychosociology department of I.N.E.D.(A. Girard) and the Paris-Bicetre C.E.C.O.S. Center(G. David and P. Huerre). Other aspects of this survey, together with the questionnaire used, were published in 1977.1


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  1. 1.Institut National d’Etudes DémographiquesParisFrance

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