Some Applications of Heavily Doped Semiconductors

  • Victor I. Fistul’
Part of the Monographs in Semiconductor Physics book series (MOSEPH, volume 1)


Principle of Operation of Tunnel Diodes. Before the appearance of the tunnel diode, the semiconducting materials used in devices contained impurities in concentrations not exceeding 1016–1017 cm−3. The free-carrier density in such materials has been of the same order or even less. The relative positions of the Fermi level and of the band edges in such semiconductors are shown in Fig. 7.1. The energy structure of p—n junctions (under thermodynamic equilibrium conditions) formed in such crystals is shown in Fig. 7.2. The thickness of a p—n junction is given by the expression [1]
$$L = 1.05.10^6 \left[ {\frac{{\kappa \left( {U_c - U} \right)}}{{2\pi e}} \cdot \frac{{N_d + N_a }}{{N_d \cdot N_a }}} \right]^{1/2} cm.$$
where ℵ is the permittivity; e is the electron charge; and ND and Na are the concentrations of ionized donors and acceptors on both sides of the p—n junction; Uc is the contact potential difference across the junction and U is the external voltage applied to the junction.


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