Nerve Cells in Primary Culture

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The first cultures of nervous tissue were of fragments of medullary tube from frog embryos (Harrison, 1907, 1910) and, as described in Chapter 1, these were the first true tissue cultures (see Figure 1.1). Subsequently, Lewis and Lewis (1912) grew sympathetic nerves associated with chick embryo intestine, and Ingebrigtsen (1913) demonstrated that explants of mammalian brain could grow extensive networks of axons (Figure 2.1). Ingebrigtsen extended Harrison’s observations by showing that if the connection between the outgrowths and the cell body was cut, the original axon rapidly degenerated but new outgrowths were formed. Since these early reports, a great number of studies have been made on cultured nervous tissue, although most concerned the growth and morphology of nerves in culture. This work has been reviewed by Murray (1965b), Lumsden (1968) and by Hösli and Hösli (1978).


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