Peritoneal Dialysis Kinetics — A Pediatric Perspective

  • Alan B. Gruskin
  • Abdelaziz Y. Elzouki
  • H. Jorge Baluarte
  • James W. Prebis
  • Martin S. Polinsky


Although the technique of peritoneal dialysis is being used with increased frequency in children, relatively few studies dealing with dialysis kinetics, i.e. the movement of solute and water across the peritoneal membrane, have been performed in children and/or the developing animal. The purpose of this presentation is three-fold. Firstly, a few general principles of transperitoneal solute and water movement will be reviewed. Secondly, the available data describing peritoneal dialysis kinetics in children will be reviewed. Thirdly, certain aspects of studies which we have performed in order to increase our knowledge of peritoneal dialysis kinetics in the experimental animal as well as in children will be reviewed.


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  • Alan B. Gruskin
    • 1
  • Abdelaziz Y. Elzouki
    • 1
  • H. Jorge Baluarte
    • 1
  • James W. Prebis
    • 1
  • Martin S. Polinsky
    • 1
  1. 1.Dept. Pediatr.St. Christopher’s Hosp. for Children and Temple Univ. Sch. Med.PhiladelphiaUSA

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