Hypertension of Renal Origin in Childhood

  • Michel Broyer
  • Jean-Louis Bacri


From 1960 to 1980, 280 children and adolescents were referred to the pediatric nephrology department of the hospital “des Enfants Malades” in Paris for hypertension (HT). This series was defined by a diastolic blood pressure (BP) > 90 mm Hg. Of these 280 patients, the hypertension in 86% (240) was of renal origin. This percentage is an overestimation of the frequency of renal causes of childhood HT since these patients were referred to a specialized service. However, the amount is in accordance with previous studies performed under the same conditions; Still and Cotton found renal causes in 70% (1), Gill et al. in 83% (2), Royer et al. in 90% (3), and Aderele and Siriki in 95% (4). In contrast, Londe et al. found renal causes in only 5% but here hypertension was defined by the 97.5th percentile (5).


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  • Michel Broyer
    • 1
  • Jean-Louis Bacri
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  1. 1.Serv. Nephrol. Pediatr.Hôpital Necker Enfants-MaladesParisFrance

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