Role of Glycosylation in Ligand-Receptor Interactions and Signal Transduction Mechanisms

  • M. R. Sairam
Part of the Biochemical Endocrinology book series (BIOEND)


Glycosylation of secreted as well as membrane bound proteins in eukaryotic systems represents the most widely occurring covalent and post-translational modification during their biosynthesis. Their wide spectrum of biological activities viz, as membrane receptors, lectins, enzymes, carriers, structural components, hormones, growth stimulatory/ inhibitory factors, accounts for their ubiquitous nature. Although many glycoproteins contain both N-linked as well as O-linked oligosaccharides, the major pathways and the numerous enzymes involved only in the biosynthesis of asparagine linked sugars have been extensively investigated (Schachter et al., 1983; Kornfeld and Kornfeld, 1985). For N-glycosylation the presence of a consensus sequence in the protein Asn-X-Ser (Thr), where X can be any amino acid except proline or aspartic acid, is a necessary but not a sufficient condition in itself. Similar recognition sequence(s) for sites of O-glycosylation are not precisely known. The asparagine linked oligosaccharides are synthesized from a common core precursor, with a structure Glc3 Man9 GlcNAc2, which is then transferred as a unit from the lipid carrier dolichol phosphate to the growing nascent polypeptide chain.


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