Diversity of Novel Proteins in Gonadal Fluids

  • P. Manjunath
  • L. Baillargeon
  • Y. L. Marcel
  • N. G. Seidah
  • M. Chrétien
  • A. Chapdelaine
Part of the Biochemical Endocrinology book series (BIOEND)


Bovine seminal plasma contains four similar acidic proteins that we have previously designated as BSP-A1, BSP-A2, BSP-A3 and BSP-30kDa. These proteins, when added to pituitary cells grown in synthetic medium, result in an immediate release of gonadotropins in a manner similar to LH-RH. In lower concentrations they antagonize the action of LH-RH. BSP-A1, -A2 and -A3 have molecular weights between 15,000–16,000, while BSP-30kDa has a molecular weight of 30,000. BSP-A1, -A2 and -30kDa are glycoproteins containing neutral sugars, galactosamine and sialic acid. BSP-A1 and -A2 appear to be molecular variants that contain different amounts of carbohydrate but have an identical amino acid composition. BSP-A3 and -30kDa each has an amino acid composition different from that of -Al and -A2. BSP-A1/-A2 and -A3 each contain two similar domains that are arranged in tandem fashion and are homologous to the gelatin-binding domain of fibronectin as well as the amino-terminal end of human factor XII (blood clotting and fibrinolytic protease).


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Authors and Affiliations

  • P. Manjunath
    • 1
  • L. Baillargeon
    • 1
  • Y. L. Marcel
    • 2
  • N. G. Seidah
    • 3
  • M. Chrétien
    • 4
  • A. Chapdelaine
    • 1
  1. 1.Endocrine Laboratory, Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital Research Center and Department of MedicineUniversity of MontrealCanada
  2. 2.Laboratories of Lipoprotein MetabolismClinical Research Institute of MontrealCanada
  3. 3.Laboratories of BiochemicalClinical Research Institute of MontrealCanada
  4. 4.Laboratories of Molecular NeuroendocrinologyClinical Research Institute of MontrealCanada

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