Model for Implosion of Structured Slab

  • Keishiro Niu
  • Takashi Yabe


In the scheme of laser-fusion, it is required to compress the density of Deuterium-Tritium fuel to more than 1000 times of its solid density. One of the possible methods to realize this extremely strong compression is launching successive shock waves from the ablation surface and is controlling the waves to arrive simultaneously at the center. In order to increase the compression ratio, the multi-structured pellet which consists of the D-T microsphere covered with high Z materials is used in the recent experimental works of laser-fusion.1,2 So far several authors have presented one-dimensional analytical methods for super-compression of the D-T solid slab or sphere.3–8 Except Kidder’s works4,5, however, their methods cannot be adopted directly to the multistructured target. Kidder has proposed a method of homogeneous compression, and his method seems to include some obscure physical meaning.


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  • Takashi Yabe
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