Bell’s Inequality and the Nonergodic Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

  • Vincent Buonomano
Part of the Physics of Atoms and Molecules book series (PAMO)


The nonergodic interpretation has been described and discussed in various works.(1–3) Here we very briefly review it in Section 2 and make some observations. In Section 3 we clarify the various types of averages that one actually deals with in a laboratory experiment and also establish some notation. Section 4 discusses theories which involve only a flow of information from the source to the polarizers for time averages. In Section 5, theories in which there is also a flow of information from the polarizers to the source are considered for time averages. Some miscellaneous comments are made in Section 6. Appendix 1 describes an experimental test in a low-intensity interference experiment and Appendix 2 examines Nelson’s stochastic mechanics in relation to our view. Parts of this work follow Buonomano.(1,2)


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