Internal Targets for LEAR

  • K. Kilian
  • D. Möhl
  • J. Gspann
  • H. Poth
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Already in the early stages of discussions on the low-energy antiproton facility the use of thin internal targets in conjunction with phase-space cooling had been considered1. It became cLEAR that the ultimate properties of the cooled p̄ beam can only be fully exploited by using this technique, and that ultra-high precision experiments will then be possible2. In the final design of LEAR, three locations have therefore been reserved for the installation of internal targets3. The case for internal target operation is nowadays even stronger because of the tight p̄ schedule; with an internal target for all the experiments in flight a much higher p̄ economy can be achieved. The continuation of their experimental programme using this technique seems to be an obvious future extension of the work of many groups. Already at the stage when Letters of Intent were being requested, these groups stressed their interest in this new direction4. Summarizing the present discussions, it appears that this should be one of the next LEAR options to come. As there are several targets which could probably be installed in LEAR at a given time and upon request, this seems a very rich extension of the LEAR experimental programme.


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  • J. Gspann
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  1. 1.CERNGenevaSwitzerland
  2. 2.Kernforschungszentrum KarlsruheFed. Rep. Germany

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