Analysis of Experimental Results

  • Academician D. V. Skobel’tsyn
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The optical data obtained for tin and lead enable us to find their most important characteristics: the concentration of conduction electrons, the electron/phonon collision frequency, and the velocity of the electrons on the Fermi surface. We may also determine the Fermi energy, the density of levels near the Fermi surface, and the area of the Fermi surface for both these metals. These microcharacteristics are associated with other electronic properties of metals as well as their optical properties: the conductivity, electron specific heat, thermal conductivity, etc. Hence, these phenomena may also be used to determine them. It should be noted, however, that a great advantage of the optical method of determining the principal micro-characteristics is the fact that they may be obtained separately. On measuring the electron part of the specific heat, the conductivity, the surface absorption at radio frequencies, and other properties of metals, the separation of N and v demands either additional experimental data or an assumption regarding the specific relationship between the quantities in question. In addition to this, the formulas giving the relationship between N and the parameters of the phenomena indicated usually depend much more on the particular model representations employed than do the optical formulas [12].


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