Measuring Method

  • Academician D. V. Skobel’tsyn
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For measuring the optical constants of tin and lead we used the polarization method. The main idea of this method is illustrated in Fig. 1. In the figure, S1 is the entrance slit of the polarization system (in particular cases the light source may appear in place of slit S1). The slit S1 is placed at the focus of the objective O1. In all forms of the system, even in the shortwave part of the spectrum, we used mirror optics. In this case, O1 and O2 are spherical mirrors; P and A are the polarizing elements. The first of these is usually called the polarizer, and the second the analyzer. Between these are the samples L. The exit slit S2 lies at the focus of objective O2 (in particular cases there may be a light receiver in place of slit S2).


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