General Organization of the Cerebral Cortex

  • Edward L. White


The cerebral cortex has been parcellated into a variety of regions according to differences in the local arrangements of cell bodies and myelinated fibers (e.g., Campbell, 1905; Rose, 1929; and see review by Kemper and Galaburda, 1984) and on the basis of studies that indicate that specific functions are localized to specific cortical areas (e.g., Penfield and Rasmussen, 1950; and see Kupfermann, 1985). Anatomical evidence for the parcellation of the cerebral cortex into different areas was adduced as early as the late 18th century by Gennari, who recognized a prominent white line running within the substance of the cerebral cortex parallel to the surface of the occipital lobe. Structures corresponding to this line or stria were observed in other regions of the cortex (Gennari, 1782), but nowhere was the line as clear as in the region that became known later as the striate cortex.


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