Adiabatic, Near-Equilibrium Cooling of Air

  • M. Scheibe
  • J. L. Magee


A general problem for radiation hydrodynamics is the ability of a system to maintain chemical equilibrium as conditions change. Strictly speaking, deviations from LTE are tied up with the manner in which the conditions change, and a rigorous treatment of any particular case requires simultaneous solution of all the equations of radiation hydrodynamics. We are interested in the development of a general set of criteria for use in such problems and so we consider the composition changes in a system with a superimposed variation of conditions. In our treatment, the chemical composition is decoupled from hydrodynamic effects, a separation which is approximately valid if the assumption of near-equilibrium holds. The criteria we find depend upon the breakdown of the consistency in our treatment.


Shock Wave Chemical Equilibrium Blast Wave Time Dependent Term Spherical Shock Wave 


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  • M. Scheibe
  • J. L. Magee

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