X-Ray Fluorescent Determination of Major Constituents in Multielement Matrices by the Use of Coherent to Incoherent Scattering Ratios

  • Charles J. Carman
Part of the Developments in Applied Spectroscopy book series (DAIS, volume 5)


A technique using the ratio of coherent to incoherent scattering of X-rays from a sample to correct for matrix effects in light atomic number matrices was reported by Ryland [1]. This work has been extended to provide elemental analyses for major constituents in multielement systems comprised of light and heavy atomic number elements. The technique involves the dilution of multielement mixtures in polyethylene and using the ratio of coherent to incoherent scattering of the exciting X-rays to provide a linear working curve when concentration is plotted versus the intensity of the element being analyzed. The method provides a permanent set of standards which require no previous knowledge of the matrix of the sample being analyzed, and which are essentially independent of any chemical changes occurring within the sample. Analyses of molybdenum, tellurium, manganese, and phosphorus in mixtures have provided results slightly less accurate than by chemical methods, but obtained in much less time.


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  • Charles J. Carman
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