Spectrographic Determination of Rhenium in Molybdenite with the DC Arc

  • W. G. Schrenk
  • Show-jy Ho
Conference paper
Part of the Developments in Applied Spectroscopy book series (DAIS, volume 4)


Rhenium in molybdenite can be determined spectrographically with DC arc excitation only by preliminary chemical concentration of the rhenium. The following procedure produced satisfactory results. After grinding, the molybdenite sample was put in solution by treatment with HNO3 followed by evaporation just to dryness. Five milliliters HCl (0.1 M) was added, the solution was filtered, and then excess NH4OH added. The solution was filtered again and evaporated to approximately 2 ml.


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  • W. G. Schrenk
    • 1
  • Show-jy Ho
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  1. 1.Department of ChemistryKansas Agricultural Experiment StationManhattanUSA

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