Quantovac Analysis of Copper and Copper-Base Alloys

  • H. T. Dryer
  • B. R. Boyd
Conference paper
Part of the Developments in Applied Spectroscopy book series (DAIS, volume 2)


The Quantovac, introduced by Applied Research Laboratories in this country in 1957, was developed specifically for the complete analysis of iron and steel. Rapid, accurate, and simultaneous analyses were needed for carbon, phosphorus, and sulfur in addition to the usual alloying and residual elements, which had been handled successfully by the ARL Production Control Quantometer (PCQ) for many years. Most of the sensitive lines for the metalloids are in the vacuum ultraviolet region and require that the instrument for this application be usable in both the vacuum ultraviolet and ultraviolet regions. Methods evaluation with the Quantovac for the analysis of iron and steel indicated that this instrument offered a number of advantages over conventional direct-reading instruments and presented great possibilities for other metals and alloys, including nonferrous metals.


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  • H. T. Dryer
  • B. R. Boyd
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