Determination of Fat in Corn and Corn Germ by Wide-Line Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Techniques

  • T. F. Conway
  • R. J. Smith
Part of the Developments in Applied Spectroscopy book series (DAIS, volume 2)


In the last ten years, high-re solution nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy has become an accepted technique for elucidating molecular structure and motion. Yet despite its obvious potential for quantitative analysis, development has been slow. Because more stringent requirements are placed on the instrumentation for quantitative studies, most applications of high-resolution NMR spectroscopy concern structure-type problems. In contrast, commercial wide-line NMR has been used almost exclusively for quantitative analysis [1,2], because instrumentation and techniques are simpler and more readily adapted to routine measurements. Corn Products Company has used wide-line spectroscopy in analytical research and quality control for about five years; approximately 300,000 samples have been analyzed in the plant control laboratory. The NMR technique offers several advantages: it is fast, nondestructive, precise, and accurate.


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  • T. F. Conway
    • 1
  • R. J. Smith
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  1. 1.George M. Moffett Research LaboratoriesCorn Products CompanyArgoUSA

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