Magnetic Susceptibility of Solid Solutions of InSb and InAs

  • N. N. Sirota
  • Ts. Z. Vitkina
  • É. I. Bolvanovich


The diamagnetic susceptibility of alloys based on indium antimonide and arsenide was measured by the Gouy method for n-type and p-type samples over the temperature range 170–560°K. The relationship the susceptibility and the donor impurity density was determined for the composition 0.3 InAs-0.7 InSb doped with 2.7·10−5-2.0·10−3 wt.% tellurium. A correlation between the molar magnetic susceptibility and the total charge Z was established.


Zinc Quartz Agate Tellurium Arsenide 


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© Consultants Bureau, New York 1972

Authors and Affiliations

  • N. N. Sirota
  • Ts. Z. Vitkina
  • É. I. Bolvanovich

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