Absorption and Reflection Spectra of the Solid Solution 0.7 InSb-0.3 InAs in Relation to the Structure of the Energy Bands

  • N. N. Sirota
  • É. I. Bolvanovich


The results are presented of an investigation of the optical infrared transmission and reflection spectra of the alloy 0.7 InSb-0.3 InAs, doped with tellurium to obtain different electron densities (n). The optical width of the forbidden band (ΔE) and the optical effective mass of the electrons (mn*) were determined from the spectra and their dependence on n studied. It was established that the conduction bands of InSb-InAs solid solutions are nonparabolic. Attempts were made by extrapolation to obtain an estimate of the limiting values of ΔE and mn* in the region of low values of n, and an estimate of the matrix element P2 was made. It is concluded that there is general agreement between the structure of the energy bands of the semiconductor alloys considered and the Kane model.


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© Consultants Bureau, New York 1972

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  • N. N. Sirota
  • É. I. Bolvanovich

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