Electron Energy Spectra of Crystalline and Glassy Arsenic Chalcogenides

  • A. M. Andriesh
  • V. V. Sobolev
  • Yu V. Popov


Comprehensive theoretical and experimental investigations of the electron energy spectra of solids are of great importance. Considerable success has been achieved in basic experimental and theoretical investigations of this subject. In particular, experimental studies of the optical reflection spectra in the range E » Eg, the results of a general theory of the optical transitions in solids, and theoretical calculations of the energy band structures of AIV and AIIIBV crystals have made it possible to determine quantitatively the energy level schemes in the k space.


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© Consultants Bureau, New York 1972

Authors and Affiliations

  • A. M. Andriesh
  • V. V. Sobolev
  • Yu V. Popov

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