Magnetic Susceptibility of Semiconducting Arsenic Chalcogenides in the Glassy State

  • L. A. Baidakov
  • L. N. Blinkov
  • L. P. Strakhov


An experimental investigation was made of the composition dependence of the magnetic susceptibility of arsenic chalcogenides in the glassy state. The experimental data on the magnetic susceptibility and on the refractive index were used to calculate the paramagnetic and diamagnetic components of the magnetic susceptibility by Dorfman’s method. It was shown that the structure of the glasses changes considerably in the range of arsenic concentrations from 8 to 10 at.% although the nature of the chemical bond remains predominantly covalent in this range.


Magnetic Susceptibility Arsenic Concentration Composition Dependence Helium Atmosphere Paramagnetic Component 
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© Consultants Bureau, New York 1972

Authors and Affiliations

  • L. A. Baidakov
  • L. N. Blinkov
  • L. P. Strakhov

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