Physicochemical Nature of Monosilicides with an FeSi-Type Structure

  • B. K. Voronov
  • L. D. Dudkin
  • N. N. Trusova


The FeSi structure type, in which a number of monosilicides and germanides of d-transition metals crystallize [1, 2], is characterized by a cubic unit cell and the P2,3 space group. Each atom in the cell is surrounded by seven atoms of the other kind: one very close, three further away, and three at an even greater distance. Each metal atom is associated with six relatively remote similar atoms. The most important crystallographic properties of compounds with a FeSi-type structure are shown in Table 1. Recently, a comparatively large amount of experimental data, which are not always consistent, has been published on the study of the physical properties of 3d-transition metal (Cr, Mn, Fe, Co) monosilicides.


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  • B. K. Voronov
  • L. D. Dudkin
  • N. N. Trusova

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