Some Relationships Governing the Changes in the Conductivity of Semiconducting Compounds at Their Melting Points

  • G. F. Nikol’skaya
  • I. V. Evfimovskii
  • N. P. Luzhnaya


The electrical conductivity of Bi2S3, In2Se3, CdSnAs2, CulnTe2, and CuGaTe2 was investigated in the solid and the liquid states by a contactless method. The results indicated that the conductivity poly-therms (temperature dependences of the conductivity) were determined by the nature of the processes which result in the formation of the compound. The changes in the conductivity at thé melting points were used to divide all the compounds into two groups.


Activation Energy Thermoelectric Power Semiconducting Compound Molten State Intrinsic Conduction 
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  • G. F. Nikol’skaya
  • I. V. Evfimovskii
  • N. P. Luzhnaya

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