Satellite Communications

  • J. V. Charyk
Part of the Nobel Symposium Committee (1975) book series (NOFS, volume 31)


The last decade has seen the addition of a new dimension to our global telecommunications capability, viz. the communications satellite. In a single decade we have reached the stage where the majority of all long distance international traffic is carried by satellite. Domestic and regional systems have entered into service and we are on the threshold of using satellites for communications with mobile platforms on a regular commercial basis. Ahead lie new and exciting possibilities which give strong promise of exerting a major impact on the nature of the world of tomorrow. It is therefore most appropriate that under these auspices we review the progress to date. We can then, with the advantage of this base, seek to focus our thoughts on the problems raised by these technological developments but perhaps more fruitfully on the potential of their developments in the world of tomorrow. Although many of you may be familiar with the developments in the communication satellite field in the past decade, it appeared useful to put together a compendium which demonstrates its rather dynamic character and provides a common base for our discussions here in trends, impact and potential.


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