Translocation Kinetics of Photosynthates

  • Donald B. Fisher
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSA, volume 4)


It is hard to imagine what working on translocation must have been like before radioactive tracers were available. So much of the information we have, particularly about physiological aspects, is based on tracer methodology that it would be difficult even to list it. Nevertheless, one of the most interesting — and important — promises of the tracer approach to translocation has not been fulfilled. Even though the first experiments with radioactive carbon dioxide were run more than twenty years ago, there is no general agreement on what translocation kinetics have to say about the translocation mechanism. It hasn’t been possible to reach a consensus even where such different possibilities as “active diffusion” and plug flow are concerned. Nevertheless, I personally feel that this confusion is much greater than it needs to be, and that the fundamental reasons for the observed kinetic patterns can be identified with a fair degree of confidence.


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